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About us

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Who are the RCK Group?

The RCK Group was created in 2013 by Julie Shaw to bring the most prestigious retailers and press together with luxury brands. With over 28 years of collective experience, The RCK Group directors have spent their careers in the industry dedicated to learning and building relationships.

Based in the US, The RCK Group offers a global presence, with offices in London and representatives travelling the world to visit retail partners and members of press. The RCK Group have spent years connecting top designers to the best retailers and publications on a global scale.


What services do we offer?

We offer a full spectrum of services including but not limited to:

  • US, UK & International Sales
  • Press & Communications
  • Tradeshow management
  • Press, branding & sales events
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Why partner with us?

Our goal is to build long lasting partnerships for the brands we represent through our relationships, communication and knowledge. We work with luxury brands with a distinct personality, whether large established businesses or small up and coming designers.

We specialize in nurturing new talent and heritage brands alike, creating lasting press and sales partnerships tailored to the individual brands needs.