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Infusing fashion into fine jewelry

Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Mizuki Goltz is the embodiment of her jewelry collection and her rich cultural background. She often jets back to Tokyo for a dose of eastern culture, refinement and tranquility. Mizuki’s grandmother named her to symbolize purity, vitality and fluidity in life. This not only defines her character but is the main components of her collection.

After graduating with a BFA in sculpture from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, she began creating wire wrapped and pearl pieces as a hobby. “While shopping with my mom I sold a necklace I was wearing- I was so excited! That's when I decided to combine my love of fashion and the arts by starting the Mizuki collection in a loft in Soho, which was my home at the time.

Since launching her collection in 1996, Mizuki is the designer who put the fashion in fine jewelry. Characterized by the inner and outer beauty of the women she designs for, Mizuki creates highly styled design balanced with an effortless form of dressing in jewelry.

"I believe that when wearing jewelry, a woman should look styled yet unstudied so that there is a chic nonchalance."

Mizuki's seeming simplicity is the result of precise execution and a detailed thought process. It is her sensitivity to this that allows her to create pieces that range from delicate to bold, with a hip glamour that she herself possesses which she passes along in every piece of jewelry she designs.

"Jewelry is personal and evocative. It touches a woman’s emotions and has the power to connect and transform how each of us feel. It should be treasured and most importantly, worn with confidence as it always takes you on a journey to project your true beauty."

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